Camomile Vodka

The masks we don all day
for the men around us
taunt us from the wall,
in the solace of the night.
Every moment spent
under one of those veils
chips a sliver off you.

But there might be one person;
who tears off those masks
and smiles at the mess they find underneath.

If you don’t have that person
you stand a chance
to lose yourself.
You’ll end up
being everyone’s cup of tea
someone’s shot of vodka.

And I sure do hope
that one person is on their way.
Because I’m on the brink of
being that cup of tea forever.
tea tends to get cold
and left on the breakfast table
someone remembers
to pour it down the sink….


38 thoughts on “Camomile Vodka

  1. You know, even after you find that person you sometimes STILL end up being that cup of tea… Great poem! And thanks so much for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around the blogs. 🙂


  2. Yikes! Don’t go down the sink! Let the real person that is you shine whenever she can. True, at work, in many situations, one must pretend and put on a show, keep face. But many situations where you are your self and where there are others to share it.


  3. This is AMAZING. I have no words. Wow. And funny thing, I downloaded that picture a year ago and today I saw it again on my phone. Then I come and check your page out and here it is. Purely amazing. Yu got yourself a new subscriber😁


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