Alligator Scars


You wonder what happened

To the kid who spent hours
Skipping across couches around the room
So the alligators don’t get her feet.

She had no idea
That she’d ever end up
Dreading having to get through a day

I guess that’s what happens when
The game stops

She steps off the couch
And wades
Right into the waiting maws of the alligators.

Well, it’s too late now
I don’t want all this blood dripping
Onto a beautiful

But, oh.

What I’d give
To be perched safely
On that couch again.


5 thoughts on “Alligator Scars

  1. Thanks for leading me to your lovely designed site.
    The poem made me think, could the alligators be mythical creatures? Depending of how one couches their meaning, they could hoard treasures. In the east, for example, they signify fertility.


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